Career Opportunity in NABA

The North America Blockchain Association (NABA) is the first and largest non-profit organization in North America that primarily promote and support blockchain development and innovations in the world.


We seek to back talents with experiences in startup and venture capital experiences, as well as passionate about entrepreneurship to play a role in NABA. We are raising fund to support operation and business of NABA accelerator. So far, NABA successfully aligned with industry leaders and tech leaders in the world, build strong collaborations with the Chinese business partners and investors, in better support of the Blockchain innovation and development. (NABA) hosted its first Blockchain Fintech Summit in Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center on January 7th, 2017. Co-organized with IBM, the Shanghai Institute of International Finance (SIIF), the Guiyang Government, Tianfeng Exchange Securities and the International Financial Centers Association (IFCA), the summit saw overwhelming interest and received positive feedback from speakers and attendees alike. The summit hosted over 50 speakers and received more than 600 attendees, including Chinese government officials, Cupertino and Fremont Mayors, finance professionals, industrial leaders, academic experts, investors and entrepreneurs.


NABA forms to be the leader of Blockchain in Silicon Valley. We are building a platform to explore the new forms of collaboration and looking for a experienced manager Leading NABA accelerator for innovative startup companies in the area of Blockchain industry. The desired person should be bright, professional and responsible. The job would be based in Milpitas to provide thought leadership and mentorship to the Blockchain startup teams and manage entrepreneur engagements and ideation workshops, in collaboration with senior resources from investors and business partners. This is a unique role requiring special expertise different from traditional accelerator managers and requires deep knowledge and passion for Blockchain innovation and development. The individual should lead by example, must be great at problem solving, ideation and business development discussions, and must be capable of building competencies around specific skill set in the team.

The ideal person must have deep subject matter expertise in at least one of these areas – Blockchain, IoT, Investment Banking, Consulting, or Big data, etc. Additionally, the person must have enough depth and a solid understanding of innovations taking place in and around Blockchain industry.

Position Title: Vice President of North America Blockchain Association
  • MS in Finance or business major

  • 2-3 years of finance experience in Investment banking, consulting, venture capitals or related

  • 3 years of experience in leadership roles with increasing responsibilities

  • language requirements: strong written and verbal communication skills in both English and Mandarin

  • financial service or cross-border investments is a plus

  • Reporting to CEO and responsible for developing and executing projects and programs within a shared strategic vision for a mission-critical to the organization.

  • Prior experience must include leadership in financial industry, IoT and blockchain or related areas.

  • Work alongside and collaborate with startups, partners, investors and teams to deliver service for entrepreneurs in multiple fronts

  • Evangelize cross-organization collaboration playing a crucial role in the interfacing with various teams and business stakeholders to identify requirements, converting them to functional specs, prioritizing, and driving execution.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in both English and Mandarin, better understand Cantonese, but no substantial needs in written.  

  • Evangelize academic solutions with top tier schools in US and China, and collaborate to form research labs with academia

  • Work collaboratively across team boundaries to share common infrastructure and functional capabilities

  • Have an open-minded approach to development strategy and approaches

  • Team builder and capable of building culture for innovation

  • Prefers experience in Investment Banking, consulting, and venture capitals

About NABA

NABA aims to initiate, connect, organize and facilitate Blockchain technology initiatives which call upon participants to explore with new forms of leadership and collaboration. Sector-specific collaboration among industry, government and academic leaders helps create conditions which enhance the potential for technology innovation and business applications. As the industry leader, we are disposed to forms of collaborative leadership and engagement which enable the origination, socialization and execution of novel approaches to economic development.